ED:40 Series

Every Detail Matters Part 1


Praise changes things, King David was in a complex situation when he came before a Philistine King. David used praise as a weapon to escape with his life. Understanding the profile, position and power of praise is unlocked in this relevant teaching.



The Details of Our Fellowship - Part 2


Fellowship is a valuable toll Jesus used to connect people to God. As we establish relationships with others, God is using us to connect people to Jesus. As we like to say at Olive Grove Church, "Come join us as we do Life together."


Living a Life of Purpose - Part 3


We are all significant in the eyes of God as we were created in his image. Understanding the purpose behind the plan is hard for us to grasp when life is beyond our control. Living life with a distinct purpose is a process.


ED:40 - Part 4


Description coming Soon!

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