Is This Your First Time?
What to expect at an OG Worship Experience!

We look forward to having you join us and would like to provide you with some FAQ's in an effort to make your worship experience even more enjoyable without having to worry about the "what if's."

  • What is an Olive Grove Church Worship experience like? Our teams are intentional about creating atmospheres that allow people to connect with God & each other. This intentionality to create environments for connection is from the street to the seat! 
  • What about my kids? We currently offer kids ministry for ages 2-6. We are working on a plan that will provide more space for our kids. Ages 7 & up participate in worship center with adults.
  • Where do I park? When you arrive on campus if it's your first time please turn your flashers on and one of our parking Dream Teamers will escort you to our VIP parking!
  • What do I wear? We do not have a dress code at Olive Grove Church, you will see people in dress clothes as well as casual wear. We are not here to determine your "Sunday Best" whatever that is...we leave that up to you.
  • How can I get connected? The best way is to connect with us is to visit our get involved + connect with us pages. On these pages you can sign up for your next steps, send us an email, or complete the First Time Guest Connection Card.
  • What does the term OG mean? You will here this phrase often, just simply short for Olive Grove.


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